I would like to the sing praises to the volunteers of the Fairbridge Festival Homoeopathic First Aid Tent this year.

The festival had new organisers and with all things in change there was some confusion. A number of things didn’t go smoothly, cars broke down, tent relocation issues and the weather was a huge factor. With 2 cyclones crossing the coast, the winds caused considerable havoc. Many campers and stall holders’ tents literally blew away. Thanks to the pegging by the volunteers ours didn’t, we did have to relocate though. Then on the Sunday morn the rain turned the dust to mud and many found this too difficult to stand and went home. Again, our tent with the help of the volunteers stayed dry.

All in all it was an adventure and I consider, when you look the numbers of clients that we catered to that we should consider continuing. A number of clients came back from last year knowing we were there. Again, this year we had more people coming through our First Aid Tent than in past years. The adverse weather seemed to encourage a bonding between the volunteers that I was pleased to be a part of. Thank you.

Sally Moore, Co-ordinator