This list was compiled by the committee of 2010 whose members have not changed very much over the ensuing years


2011                Drop-In Clinic started by Kate Diamantopoulo at the Lutheran Church in Perth

2012                First improvement of website

2014                AHA WA Newsletter first started

2015                Fund Raising began -Raffles,  Melting Pots

2016             Fairbridge Folk Festival Homeopathy tent

New AHA WA Banner produced

Branch donation to NC for NHMRC Fighting Fund

Encouragement Awards begun:

1. Best AHA WA student graduating in the Adv. Dip. Homeopathy

2. Best AHA WA student graduating in First Aid in Naturopathy

2017            Team building events  eg cooking classes,  kayaking, lunch

Internship Program for students requiring Clinical Training

An Aboriginal staff artifact from WA lent to the AHA by John

2018         Trituration provings – producing remedies from the native flora

2019         Purchase of Laptop for Secretary

“Just One Drop” movie screening in Perth

Update of website


2020           Survey of homeopaths to see what they want.

Introduction of Agrohomeopathy and production of a booklet

Introduction of the On-line meeting access for committee members to participate from local or remote locations.


2021           List of Fund-Raising items:

Tea towels

Pads and Pens


Agrohomeopathy booklet I


2022           Production of Bookmarks

Production of Pocket carry bags with AHA WA Symbol

Update of AHA WA branch symbol