Djeran season, April-May, is the time of repairing homes in readiness of the long, wet winter ahead. The nights are cooler and the days are sublime here in Perth! Banksia are starting to blossom providing food for insects, bees, birds and small animals.The red flowering gums are showing off their beautiful display of flowers. It is the time of ants and flying ants as the winds change to southerly’s. For the very tiny black ants a spray of calendula may help to reduce their numbers but in general ants are difficult to eradicate. Contact the Ag department to determine which type of ant you have as they all respond to different products. Try a mixture of 1:1 sugar and yeast powder.The ants take the sugar back to the nest and eat the yeast as well, thus helping to eliminate them. As nests are very big this may need to be repeated. There is a solution that can be made up using boric acid but as this is an acid it needs to be kept away from children. Let me know if you want the recipe.In the meantime enjoy the cooler nights and temperate days.

Emma Stanton President AHA WA

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