AHA WA Homeopathy First Aid Tent was staffed by 6 volunteers over the 3 day festival. There was much success this year. We are growing in patronage and the number of people searching us out to enquire the benefits of Homeopathy was the highest we have ever seen.  These patrons were pleased to receive the wellness insert.


A range of conditions were presented and provision was provided for first aid needs on wound cleaning, joint support and BP taking. A number of our leaflets were handed to the St John’s Ambulance staff.

Meeting the demands of acute prescribing while working under the constraints of a festival setting in a tent environment subject to weather conditions provided some dusty challenges.

We had a giant ‘Jenga’ game and brightly coloured gloopy heads outside our tent. This drew small crowds in to congregate around our tent and provided opportunities to share a game while chatting about homoeopathy and waiting to be seen.

The AHA WA committee and myself would like to extend a thank you to our Sponsors and the volunteers who made it a success, and to all the festival patrons who put their health in our hands.

Sally Moore

AHA WA Festival co-ordinator