WA Trituration provings of Australian flora with Sally Moore


Sally Moore has been conducting trituration provings in Perth of the native flora. Small groups have gathered to triturate various substances in order to explore how these plants might be of use as homoeopathic medicines.

The Acacias proving is published in Homœopathic Links Vol. 32 No. 3/2019 as well as in the Australian journal Similia Volume 35 June 2022.

Wandoo and Balga are not yet published.

Sally presented three of the provings at the 2021 AHA Homoeopathic Conference ‘Inside Out -online’ in 2021. These were the Australian Acacias, Wandoo and Balga.

The remedies from these provings  can be purchased through I & E Organics Apothecary https://www.iandeorganics.com/

See the videos below.

To take part in a future trituration proving please contact Sally Moore sallyahom@mail.com