WA  enjoyed a very successful Melting Pot on Agrohomeopathy presented by Emma Stanton. It was well attended and it was very pleasing to see new and old faces. To start Emma presented some useful information on WA soils, which impact how our plants will grow and what remedies may be needed to help condition the soil.  She then led us through a variety of issues that occur with various plants and the suggested remedies  from various authorities to either prevent and/or treat the issue. Emma is an engaged and committed presenter, leaving no stone unturned in her research and always ensuring that the content is understood.

The chatter was lively and the input from all was very engaging. Lots of questions were asked and answered… and those unanswered will be discussed at a later date in 2021 after some trials in our own gardens.

This an event has been in the pipeline for some time now and we were very pleased that we were finally able to present it and that it was well received. The venue was at Catherine Angel’s home which is in the foothills of Perth with an abundant garden that was the perfect setting. There didn’t seem to be a need for Agrohomeopathy  here as everything looked happy and healthy!

We produced a comprehensive booklet with all of Emma’s excellent notes that included a very handy repertory. This was appreciated by all the attendees and contributed to our fund-raising efforts.


HOMEOPATHY IN THE GARDEN – October 2022 – Part 2 to the Agrohomeopathy lecture

After the success of her first talk Emma Stanton was requested to please return and give a second presentation. This was held at a colleagues home, which comfortably housed all the those who attended. It was a great turn out that included non-homeopath garden enthusiasts. It’s encouraging to see the ways we can bring homeopathy into the awareness of people through gardening.

Once again Emma gave some comprehensive teaching – this time it was on photosynthesis and the structure of the leaf and how various pests can injure the plant and interfere with this life preserving cycle.  Then she went on to describe various pests, the nature of injury, and the best known remedies to treat these problems.

Emma also kindly included several non-toxic solutions to pests and weeds.

Once again some excellent notes were compiled for all those who attended and many of us went home and tried out various remedies.

Thank you Emma Stanton for your diligent research and generous sharing of your knowledge!


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