Homoeopathic Pharmacies

Pharmacies in Perth, WA

Owen Homoeopathics: General public, practitioners and students, online

Friendlies Chemists/Pharmacy 777 Subiaco: Individual remedies upon request; general public

Banovich Pharmacy: Individual remedies upon request; general public


Martin & Pleasance: Online ordering. Practitioners and students only

Brauer Natural Medicine: Practitioners and students sale only

New Zealand

Simillimum Homoeopathic Pharmacy: Online ordering. Practitioners and students only


Ainsworths: Online ordering. General public, practitioners and students

Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy: Online ordering. General public, practitioners and students

Homoeopathic Supply Company, HSC: Online ordering. General public, practitioners and students


Remedia Homeopathy, Austria: Online ordering


I&E Organics Apothecary: Online ordering. C4, C5 triturations, Fibonacci series and more. Practitioner, student and general public.

Homoeopathic Book Stores

Homoeopathic Books www.homeopathic-books.net

Similibooks www.similibooks.com/component/vmcchk,1/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,26/

Tara Bookshop www.tarabookshop.com.au

Narayana Verlag www.narayana-verlag.com/index.php

Homoeopathic Software resources

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks Homoeopathic Software

Radar Homeopathic Software

Synergy Homeopathic Software

Vithoulkas Compass Homeopathy Software

HomeoQuest Community Software. Free Download.

Hompath Homeopathic Software



History of Homeopathy in WA

See our other link for the History of Homeopathy in WA. You may want to take a visit to New Norcia after reading it.

New Norcia; Birthplace of Homoeopathy in Western Australia  www.newnorcia.wa.edu.au

Biography of Homeopathy’s founder

Samuel Hahnemann – a short biography of the Founder of Homoeopathy

Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI)

The HRI, headed by Executive Director and founder Alex Tournier and CEO Rachel Roberts, is an international charity created to address the need for high quality scientific research in homeopathy. For up to date and cutting edge scientific research into homeopathic medicines click HRI. 

Homoeopathy Documentaries

Just One Drop by filmmaker Laurel Chiten premiered in 2017 and addresses the controversy of Homeopathy and asks if Homeopathy has been given a ‘fair go’. For details, screening locations, or to host your own screening click JUST ONE DROP.

Support Homoeopathy in Australia

You can give support to Homeopathy in Australia in the following ways: