5 volunteers staffed the AHA WA 3rd year Homeopathy First Aid Tent.

Thank you all for providing your time and expertise to make this endeavour a success.

What a success this year’s tent has been. Each year we have had almost double the patronage on the past year.

A range of conditions were presented and provision was also made for first aid needs on wound cleaning and joint support. Many YHYC leaflets were handed out along with many discussions.

A pile of our leaflets were handed to the St John/s Ambulance staff.

There were times when both practitioners were seeing someone back to back. A number of the festival goers were seeking us out this year after they had been to the St Johns Ambulance post.

There was wonderful music wafting into the tent on the breeze and on the Sunday it was accompanied by the rain. There was no problem with the rain and the music was welcome company.

I and the AHA WA committee would like to extend a thank you to;

  • The patrons for putting their health in our hands.
  • Again to our volunteers. The tent is a success due to them
  • All our sponsors.

Similimum, Owen Homeopathic, Martin & Pleasance, Emma Stanton, Woolcott Health Supplies, Banovich Pharmacy


I hope you can join us in 2019


Sally Moore

AHA WA Festival Co-ordinator