Professional Bodies for Homeopathy

Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA)

The AHA is the recognised peak body and public voice of homoeopathy in Australia. Through its leadership, it promotes, supports and protects quality homoeopathic care. There are 3 levels of membership: Student, General and Professional. In order to be a professional member you need to be registered with the Australian Register of Homoeopaths (see below)

To find out more about  membership options Click here for the national AHA website.

Australian Register of Homoeopaths

The Australian Register Of Homoeopaths (AROH) is the national register of accredited homoeopaths in Australia.
The Board of AROH registers homoeopaths who are qualified to government-endorsed standards. Registered homoeopaths are bound by AROH’s code of professional conduct and standards of practice.
The purpose of the Register is to protect the public by accrediting only practitioners who meet these standards.

To enquire about registering as a homeopath or becoming a member click here for the AROH website.

WA Homoeopathy Courses

All Education pathways in Australia for Homeopathy are currently under review. For any WA enquiries contact the AHA WA committee secretary via email and you will be directed to the appropriate person:

All other queries can be directed to AROH: or 0488 060 145

Education pathways for Homoeopathy in Australia

For ARoH accredited courses; please view the ARoH website

ARoH Accredited courses

There are currently three accredited courses and each has a level of accreditation representative of each tier. The Cyberjaya college is a face to face course and the International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy (IACH) and the School of Homoeopathy (SOH),UK are both online courses.
1. Cyberjaya College in Malaysia,this course is a 4 year Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medical Science (Hons), and enables a graduate to practice as a fully trained professional homeopath and able to register as a professional member of an association.
2. The ‘International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy’ (IACH), in Greece run by George Vithoulkas, is also approved at the Tier2 level of registration which enables professional homoeopathic status upon completion of a clinic log.
3. The School of Homoeopathy (SOH) in the U.K maintains its partial ARoH accreditation starting at tier 3 with the ability to move to tier2 upon completion of a clinic log.
Graduates from all three colleges must also; ‘successfully complete the knowledge test of ‘Australian Legislation’ pertaining to’ Ingestible Complementary Medicines’, to assure they are safe practitioners’.

For homoeopaths immigrating to Australia:

In order to practise homoeopathy in Australia the first requirement you need is registration with Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH). Click here for their official requirements if you are an overseas applicant.

General & Public Enquiries: or 0488 060 145

The second professional body of importance is the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA). If you would like to meet other homeopaths and attend seminars, webinars and conferences then this is the organisation to be a member with. The AHA keeps all members up to date with current legislations as well as all news relevant to homeopaths in Australia. Each state has a committee that meets every few weeks and each committee has a representative that sits on the National Council. This ensures continued communication and unity within the profession.

Good news is that you do not need to be AROH registered to become a member and start engaging with the profession in Australia. For all you need to know about membership with AHA and all its benefits click here.