Proving a previously unproven substance is a really, fascinating process. The substance appears able to communicate through thought messages to individual provers. Due to various life experience filters, interpretation of the messages can vary from prover to prover. So, when consolidating all proving information from a group of people into one document, how are all of the messages from the substance interpreted? This is accomplished through the discovery of common narratives communicated by provers and documented following the proving process. These narratives enable the development of themes (mental/emotional and physical) which are then able to guide future homoeopathic prescription. In October 2021 all participants in the 2018 proving of Acacia (Wattle), plus Wandoo (White Gum) in 2019, and Xanthorrhoea (Grass Tree – Balga) in 2020, together with other interested people, met at Angela Pierce-Jones house for an enjoyable reunion get-together. The discussion centred around participant experiences and an intention to do another Australian flora proving in March / April 2022. If you would like to participate contact Sally Moore.


Phillip Hendry AHA WA Professional Member

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