I am reminded of the saying – we can choose between ‘Either-or’ – or ‘Both-and’. Catherine’s in-depth seminar was about ‘Both-and’ – also with the KISS (Keep it simple….) principle in mind. Catherine took us on a journey through 3 case histories that involved initially low-potency homeopathics / herbs / herbal teas / small dietary changes, etc – nothing too shocking for the older (and sicker) clientele that these cases represented. The evolution from debilitating sickness to a quality of life in keeping with the age-group was impressive. We revisited Anas-barbarie (Oscilococcinum) and appreciated the Muscovy Duck’s ability to survive in the dirtiest of environments. We now have a list of the many rubrics of Anas barb and clinical conditions it targets, with posology guidelines – indeed a remedy for 2022. The afternoon tea break was about a lot more than the beautiful food and let us all hope we build on the contacts we have made to give each-other mutual support during these times. Then we covered Supplements / Nutraceuticals / Foods / Specific Homeopathic remedies for 2022 and beyond. The 15 pages of notes will be a ‘Desktop Companion’ for me as I refer to the herbs (& teas) & supplements to keep in mind for 2022.

The specific homeopathics are also listed, along with suggestions of remedies that may be useful. Very interesting is a comparison between Carbon fullerene (C60) and Activated Carbon. According to listed references, Activated Carbon is the safest option. Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar hosted in your lovely home and garden Catherine.


Pauline Kalbfell AHA WA Professional Member

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