Seminar review by Catherine Angel

On Sunday 22 September AHA WA hosted a seminar with Jon Gamble called ‘Treating Chronic Disease in the 21st Century’. Jon presented his ideas on three pathways to chronic disease; Toxicity, Deficiency and Infection, based on his work and book ‘Mastering Homoeopathy, Obstacles to Cure’.

A small branch cohort attended the event which was full of case study examples from over 30 years of clinical practice. Successes and failures, which we all share, were brought to light utilising homoeopathic principles. These were highlighted with Jon’s exploration and experience with ‘Toxicity’ and ‘Deficiency’ status in the body which could often invite ‘Infection’ and other chronic disease states in the body. He explained that even when you have thoroughly repertorised a case, found the right remedy ,the ‘Simillimum’, given it in the correct potency and dose, even then, the patient who was given; ‘the best selected remedy, did not respond to treatment’.

Jon’s quest for answers as to ‘Why’ the remedies ceased to work or did not work at all, led to his determination to ‘uncover’ the obstacles to cure in a modern context.  The journey required an evolutionary approach to the contemporary practice of homoeopathy for the ‘removal of obstacles.’ His explorations in discovering the ‘underpinning cause of disease’ were multi – faceted investigating; inherited genetic traits, infection, environmental exposures to herbicides, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, xenoestrogens, medications and more. These all altered his traditional approach to homoeopathic practice, as the results produced by prescribing well indicated remedies produced inconsistent results.

Jon also discussed his formulas for the detoxification of toxins, chelates or chords, which he developed as protocols to assist with heavy metal exposures, environmental contaminants and for the removal of medication residues in the body. He gave a practical introduction to an ‘Oligoscan’ a practice tool used to give mineral and heavy metal indication readings. The scanner utilises modern non -invasive spectrometry technology, which facilitate a more accurate prescription to correct mineral imbalances in the body.

He blends the homoeopathic and naturopathic worlds together to achieve some remarkable results. The protocols are a legacy to the homoeopathic industry in Australia.

Thank-you Jon for your visit, I am sure we will have increasing awareness and insight with our own cases.  We are in admiration of the courage you demonstrated to explore the unknown, to then develop solutions for contemporary practice.

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