One of the best homeopathic experiences I have had to date has been studying at the International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy -IACH-on Alonissos, an island off the Greek coast and part of the Sporades group.

It was with some trepidation that I, as part of a group of 6 intrepid homeopaths, including 2 e-learning students, left Perth WA on 22nd May to travel to Greece and learn from the Master. Professor George Vithoulkas proved to be a wonderful and humble man well deserving the title of Master and our Australian contingent were privileged to meet with him just before the beginning of the course.  It was the Advanced Course in Classical Homoeopathy and certainly lived up to the title.

People from all over the world attended the course- from Azerbaijan, USA, Singapore, Germany, Russia, UK to name a few. In total there were around 130 – 140 students, some of whom were doctors and specialists and were called on a number of times to give medical explanation for homeopathic results. There were both live and video cases new and follow up for us to see and discuss. The presenters were well known International homoeopaths who so generously gave us their cases and discussed the mistakes that were made in their own prescriptions and how to avoid the same. How easy it is to change a remedy too soon or succumb to pressure from the patient or relative when waiting is so often the best thing to do. Recognising the signs that the first prescription is still working and that giving placebo is beneficial in some circumstances turned out to be an art form.  I watched video of patients’ first appointment showing them to be so ill and at the end a transformation to health and beauty.

The live cases were just as exciting to see and discuss. They ranged from heart, skin, general malaise and a variety of other issues. Most people had been to see a medical doctor and not received the kind of help they wanted. Diagnosis of the condition was given with the only help being strong pharmaceutical drugs.  The background stories of all these people are so unbelievable that its hard to fathom unless you know just what homoeopathy can do.

I found all the presenters to be so caring and nothing was ever too trivial or too simple for them to discuss.  However, the greatest joy was to see Prof. Vithoulkas walking around talking and asking questions and explaining his reasons for a remedy. During the live cases he would honestly say he could not give a remedy at that moment because something didn’t feel right and he had to think about it. The next day he would question us all until we saw the remedy he finally came to. Sometimes it was completely off left field. His gentle humour and willingness to keep learning himself was great to see.

There were other dramatic cases being discussed all of which brought homeopathy alive and exciting and making everyone thrilled to be part of the journey.  Other things, like why a remedy can be working then suddenly stop was also discussed and that something like stress can influence the remedy, or as in my own case, using Sensodyne toothpaste. It is because the ingredients in the toothpaste numbs the gum that can cause the remedy to stop working. There were a number of little titbits like this that popped up to give insight into an apparent remedy failure and why we should continue to follow the rules of the Organon.

Seeing classical homoeopathy practiced like this with patience and care has reinvigorated my study of homoeopathy.


It wasn’t all study as who could go to a wonderful paradise like a Greek island and not enjoy its ambience.  The weather was wonderful and showed the countryside off with its beautiful greenery, high mountains and aqua sea. To swim in crystal clear water where you can see beneath you at all times was so special for me. Yes, the water was a little cold when you first got in but it was easy to acclimatise to it.  We enjoyed the shopping both in Patitiri port and in the Old Village where we found some unique local crafts. On the weekend the six of us went for a boat cruise (where one of the dolphins raced alongside us for a while!) round some of the islands which included a stop to visit a very old monastery. This entailed climbing up some very steep steps with no hand rail and then a rough walk along the top to the monastery. It is still in use today and kept in pristine condition by the monks with some beautiful very old paintings on display. In spite of its remoteness the monks have had solar power installed though how they did it is anyone’s guess! I have to take the word and photos of some of the people who went up for this as I could not face the climb!! I have a fear of heights…hmmm what remedy is that I wonder???

Our accommodation was delightful – 5 of us stayed at the Votsi Pension where Maria and her family were absolutely wonderful to us and couldn’t do enough to make our stay enjoyable. Our other person stayed at another pension two doors away called Oniro. This was also a lovely place to stay, both had a short walk to the beach.

My thanks must go to Dimple Kirpilani for organising the whole thing for us and encouraging the trip. It was so worth the journey.

Dimple arranged a seminar on the Levels of Health here in Perth last year that is run by the IACH which is what prompted the discussion to go in the first place plus the fact that Prof. Vithoulkas is 86years old.  Dimple is well thought of over there and has been appointed their representative here in Australia.

I encourage anyone who loves homoeopathy whether a student or someone who has been in practice for many years to go and experience this fabulous course. It is uplifting, revitalising and so worth the effort.


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