AHA WA had the pleasure of hosting a Seminar with Jill Turland and Bryan Barass on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of August. The Seminar theme was based on Jill’s work and book titled ‘Getting Back on Track: Using Megapotency Homoeopathy’.  Jill combines homoeopathy with Bryans work in cranio- sacral techniques to facilitate the release of energy blocks in the body. Both Jill and Bryans practice uniquely combines the physical and metaphysical to release shock trauma and muscular tension in the body which can continue to block and re-enforce ‘structural  aberrations ’.

Jill and Bryan discussed various case studies on how muscles store tensions from ‘emotions, attitudes and beliefs’, thought to begin from as far back as’ birth trauma’. The seminar gave participants an insight in how using 10 basic homoeopathic  remedies in megapotency can unblock and restore an individual back into physical and emotional balance.

A big thank-you to Angela Pierce Jones for co-ordinating the event, Owen Homoeopathics for providing an excellent well equipped venue and Sally Moore for hosting our wonderful guests. The weekend was a great success with 21 participants with experience in clinical practice such as homoeopaths, chiropractors, dentistry, kinesiology, massage therapists, naturopaths and herbalists. It was a great way to share and learn so much from each other. Well done AHA WA branch!

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